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Frequently Asked Question

  • Can you do logbook services on my new car that will maintain the manufacturers warranty?

    Yes! As an Australian consumer you are entitled to take your new vehicle to any licensed and accredited repairer for routine/logbook servicing. As a professional business we will stamp your logbook as a record of the service completed and we will ensure all parts and fluids used in the servicing of your new vehicle meet the manufacturer specifications that will maintain you new car warranty.

  • Do I need to supply the parts for my vehicle?

    Not at all!. In most cases we come to your address first and confirm the vehicle details and the work required before we source and collect all the required parts for your service and/or repairs on the same day at no cost to you.

  • Can you service and/or repair my truck?

    Depends! Here at Meticulous Mechanical we service and repair most vehicles from motorcycles to caravans and trailers. Small, medium and large passenger vehicles and SUV’s through to light duty commercial vehicles and light trucks up to 4 tonnes. We are not licensed or equipped to carry out repairs or servicing to anything larger than this including anything heavy diesel.

  • Can you service and/or repair European vehicles?

    Yes we can! In fact we regularly service and repair European vehicles. We have good access to European spare parts meaning that most general service and repair items are available on the same day for most European cars.Meaning your Euro beauty will be back on the road in no time.

  • Can I have my car serviced or repaired on the weekend? Are the additional charges?

    We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Call us to book your next service.

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