Are you looking for a go-to auto mechanic that you can trust? Fortunately, a reliable Perth mechanic can be easy to find if you’re looking in the right place! And where better to look for the leading mechanical services in Perth, than Meticulous Mechanical?

Logbook servicing, and general vehicle repairs— these are some of the most sought-after services that we expertly provide at Meticulous Mechanical! For a reasonable price, our team of mechanics will use their years of automotive experience to give you the best mechanical service Perth has to offer. We make sure that your vehicle gets taken care of down to the last detail. So if you need an experienced mechanic in Perth to help you out, Meticulous Mechanical is the one to call.

Taking or showing extreme care about minute details.
Precise; qualified; thorough.
Very careful with great attention to detail.


As one of the leading mechanics in Perth and its surrounding areas, we have confidence in what we do. We take pride in the quality of our service that has rightfully earned the Perth community’s trust. At Meticulous Mechanical, we are committed to giving the right repairs for anyone, anywhere. Not convinced yet? Here’s what sets Meticulous Mechanical apart:


We care about you, your needs, and the quality of car service we provide. Everyone on our team strives to provide both a professional and personal level of service for each of our Perth customers.


Whether it’s in the service or the materials we use, we firmly believe that our customers deserve the best. We give car servicing on all makes and models (with a speciality in Toyota’s) using premium quality parts and fluids, nothing less.


Although we strive to provide a safe, effective, and practical service, at the end of the day we want to be able to achieve more than that. At Meticulous Mechanical, we go above and beyond the benchmark of Perth’s typical automotive services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dedicate our skills to proudly serving the automotive mechanical needs of Western Australians living in Perth and the northern suburbs. To help give qualified and high calibre mechanical services on all makes and models covering all aspects of vehicle maintenance, may it be a tire, wheel, engine, battery or brake repairs. To fully assist the Perth community with today’s fast-paced and busy lifestyles with the convenience of a truly one-stop shop, mechanical service centre. And, ultimately, to provide not only safe and cost-effective car servicing, but a better overall experience than is expected in the standards of auto repairs today.

  • " Rory is a quiet acheiver. Great service! He knows his stuff about all sorts of vehicle. As I am a Mum at home on my own he was considerate, respectful and friendly. If Rory needed to go somewhere to check and get a part he would let me know, he was able to car serviced and work around school drop off and pick up times efficiently which is important to me."

    Sarah~Peugeot 407
  • "After purchasing a Nissan navara and knowing the short comings of it's timing chain, I looked at getting it replaced. Rory gave it a check and found an upgrade made over east (which every Navara owner should get done"

    Shawn~ D40 Nissan Navara
  • "Rory is an absolute legend! My car is used for work and he knew how important it was for me to have her car serviced. He worked long hard hours, went above and beyond in the heat to slay away and find the vehicle problem and then get the solution."

    Chelsea~ Suzuki Grand Vitara
  • "I was so overwhelmed and a bit frazzled when I rang Rory for car service about my Honda. He gave it a check, he was very helpful and well informed , Rory was at my house in no time and on a Sunday no less."

    Vonni~ Honda Accord
  • Top mobile service, very knowledgeable with cars, honest and reliable mechanic. Highly recommend car repairs on any vehicles and will definitely be using Rory's car service again for all my brake repairs and car servicing.

  • Perfect name for the outstanding car and mobile service and excellent price quote I received today from Rory. I would highly recommend to book and get Rory's mechanics and car servicing.

  • I can highly recommend mechanics from Meticulous Mechanical - They provided great car and mobile vehicle service, give me great advise on how to best look after my new car efficiently, they are honest reliable mechanics, gets the job done, reasonable price quote and extend fantastic customer service. Meticulous has been my mechanic to all my vehicles for some time and will be ongoing in the future.

  • Rory did a fantastic job on servicing my new car. He was very organised, great in his communication and on time service (which is often not the case with other car and mobile services). Did a fast and very good job. Would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks Rory!

  • Best decision we made was the day I called and have Rory serviced and do work on our Nissan Navara and then back to do 3 log book servicing/logbook servicing. Very trustworthy, reasonable price quote and genuine mechanics, we will definitely use his service again and be a regular customer. Thank you so much.



Meticulous Mechanical provides a high calibre mechanic vehicle service for Perth WA and surrounding communities. With more than 20 years of experience in the car service industry – we offer a friendly, professional, reliable and personal service. Here’s what we can do for you:


Many years ago we went into business not with the intention of making money as a sole driver for our mission but to make a difference in people’s lives through their vehicles and the experience they have with their automotive specialist they choose to look after their asset.

So many people have a lot of anxiety surrounding any time they have to have their car serviced or repaired in any format as most people have had a terrible experience with an automotive business that has resulted in them over paying, being lied to, having the wrong repair performed on their car to still have the same problem when they receive the car back or feel they are being taken advantage of because of their age or gender. Here at Meticulous Mechanical Services we don’t merely address these problems we solve them completely.

“Meticulous Mechanical is just that, it equates to a thorough job every time, no matter what the work, nothing is skimmed over, all the boxes are ticked. Every client will notice this in their service straight away in some form or another. May it be a large repair work (With no left over bolts), a complex engine diagnosis and repair of an electronic system (without the guesswork and needless replacement of components at client expense) or just a routine maintenance job you will notice the small things like, the log book stamped AND put back in the glove box. Everything is done precisely and correctly.” ~Rory



We believe in doing our best in everything we do. That is why we only provide the highest calibre of workmanship which we have achieved through meticulous expertise in the industry. No matter the make or model, we will provide the service and materials that live up to your expectations.



Quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Our prices are reasonable but we make sure that our customers are made aware of the costs from top to bottom, right from the very beginning. At Meticulous Mechanical, everyone gets the same great honest service and advice.



We are confident in the work that we do and take pride in what we achieve every single day. Our passion for being there for our customers is a foundation of who we are. We are Perth mechanics that you can rely on.



Whether the work is big or small, we always bring our best. Customer service is one of our biggest priorities. There’s more to our team than our competence and skill. We know that the right attitude to what we do goes a long way.


Our Perth mechanic services are reliable, high-quality, and affordable. The Meticulous Mechanical team is made up of mechanics and experts in the industry who have gone through years of experience in handling automotive repairs. We know how important it is to people to find someone they can rely on. That’s why we make sure our clients know that they’re in good hands.

Book a professional Perth mechanic at Meticulous Mechanical today! We deliver quality, timely, and safe service that is tailored to what you need. So for any of your auto mechanic needs in Perth, give us a call.


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